Who We Are

About EROIX (/ē-rō-iks/)

Started by a couple restless with constant wanderlust and love for adventure, EROIX creates lifestyle wear that instills a state of global comfort -- regardless of where life leads you. The company’s co-founders Jenn and Parker are based in Hawaii and Colorado and developed their company on a foundation comprised of passion, intimacy, crazy ideas and social and environmental health.

Through impeccable design and construction, EROIX products are precise, tailored, true-to-size and embrace your body no matter what you are doing, to contribute to the feeling of being comfortable wherever you are on the globe. They aim to “make your first layer just as good looking as the rest of your clothing.” The current inventory is comprised of two products Underneathwear and Tees by Degrees, both of which are exceptional in style and function.



About US

In 2013, we (EROIX Co-Founders Jenn and Parker) committed to a life of “Adventure Always.” Since then, we have explored the diverse geographies and cultures of the world through travel, surf, and alpinism. In 2014, we began a new adventure with the arrival of our smiling and tow-headed son, Brooks. With backgrounds in technology, education, and innovation, we are constantly creating the objects and systems around us everyday. Amidst our many adventures exploring and creating, we noticed something so basic in need of improvement: underwear. We saw the opportunity to improve something that touches someone’s life and body all day, every day. Pursuing this led us to create EROIX Underneathwear, and our eventual obsession with creating clothing essentials, only better. With Underneathwear alongside Tees By Degrees, EROIX itself is a commitment to the adventurous process that leads to innovation and improvement. EROIX is an extension of our way of life. We adventure, we innovate, we create, and we refine.