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Specially designed for temperatures in the 60°s. Latitude adjusted for the 40°s. Think San Francisco, Biarritz, Madrid, Milan.

Want to extend t-shirt weather a few degrees? You can with the 60°/40°. It's warmer than most t-shirts, but it's also less likely to become uncomfortably warm. We strike this balance by using a special french terry knit, ring spun cotton fabric. The tiny loop-threads on the inside of the garment create air spaces for warmth, and pull vapor outward where it can evaporate away from your body. And a generous hem prevents drafts from pulling warmth away from the body.

For ideal layering and a lightweight feel, we used raglan construction and a special contoured sleeve.

  • Made in Los Angeles, California USA
  • 100% Terry Knit, Ring Spun Cotton
  • Raglan construction and contoured sleeve for ideal layering
  • Pre-shrunk, garment-dyed
  • Specially designed for cool to cold temperatures
  • Latitude adjusted for 40° (SFP > BIQ > MAD> MXP)

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Getting the right size is easy: Order your Underneathwear the same size you would a pair of pants, jeans, or board shorts.

If you are unsure of your selection, order multiple sizes and keep only what you prefer.

If you find that you would like a different size we will gladly make the exchange for you, free of charge. Our TRUE-FIT Guarantee and free return shipping makes getting the right size easy.

See returns and exchanges for details.




A true to size, tailored fit will embrace your body, not suffocate or hang off it. Using 100% woven materials allows you to place a minimum of material between you and your outerwear.

The result: A more stylish look. More comfortable layering. No billowing excess material.  No spongy, bulky knit material.




The Elastic used in conventional underwear applies constant, squeezing pressure. This causes it to creep, usually upward, into uncomfortable positions. For boxers this occurs at the waist. For briefs, this can occur both at the waist and at the legs.

Our NoLastic approach removes what you don’t need and don’t want: creeping and bunching.