by Parker Ellenburg July 14, 2015

In the process of starting EROIX Underneathwear, we’ve fallen in love with photography and we’ve taken a lot of photos. Photos are part of the way we communicate our passion for what we do.

Recently, one photo in particular has garnered a lot of attention and comment.


If you’re reading this, you’ve seen it; it’s the featured image of this post (that’s us, co-founders of EROIX). Notice anything in particular?

We took the picture with the thought of capturing a nice morning ritual of coffee, light reading, and the sharing of mutual interests. The photo felt somewhat intimate (after all it represents our men’s underwear label), but not risqué.  Then we posted it to social media…

We started getting comments bedecked with fire-emoji. A lingerie shop in LA expressed it’s approval. One user commented ” Oh no you di-int!”.  Innocently playing along, I replied “Sho did!”

Then a friend put it this way: “looks like he’s not drinking decaf!” Puzzled, we looked at the photo again. Then came the full realization of what everyone was talking about! Let’s just say my face turned redder than a Kailua sunrise.

Be it a trick of the fabric or forces at work that we were not aware of at the time, the photo seen from a certain angle (or frame of mind) can seem a whole lot more intimate than we intended.  “Are they doing what I think they’re doing!? But why the surf magazine?”

At first we were embarrassed. Then worried. Worried that the picture, seen in this certain way, was offensive. We talked about taking the picture down. We started talking damage-control.

Then we zoomed out a bit from this picture to look at ‘the big picture’. We broke things down, and came up with this:

We are passionate about what we do, and our product is an intimate one. We’re co-founders, we’re married, and we love each other. And wave sliding (aka surfing) is pretty darn sexy. Ya know, this might reasonably be considered arousing.

Taking all this into perspective we decided to let the picture stand. It makes us feel exposed, and a little vulnerable, but so be it. We’ve decided to accept even the most explicit interpretation of this picture. After all, it’s part of our aim to inspire passion. Sometimes passion is intimate, sometimes it’s explicit. Our brand of passion is rooted in health, commitment, and love. Even though it makes us blush, it’s tough to take that in a negative direction. And we’d be happy (or at least willing) to awkwardly explain the big picture to anyone confused enough to take offense to this picture.

We’re staying proud. We’re staying passionate. We hope you do, too.


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Parker Ellenburg
Parker Ellenburg


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