by Parker Ellenburg October 03, 2015

Design runs in our family: my grandfather was an inventor, my father too. My father also speaks German, probably better than quite a few Germans. As a result we pay attention to design, German design in particular.

The legendary Dieter Rams laid out ten guidelines for good design. During our own process, we made sure to visit each one and allow it to contribute, or subtract something.

In a mix of his and our words, Good design…

1 Is innovative – Instead of squeezing, with elastic, we’ve let go in order to allow Underneathwear to move with you as you move, then return to a natural, comfortable repose: an innovation in men’s underwear.

2 Makes a product useful – We’ve designed EROIX to be as good-looking as your best garments. We needn’t explain why underwear is useful, so we will simply say EROIX Underneathwear is MORE useful in that its function is not at odds with a stylish look.


3 Is aesthetic – EROIX Underneathwear captures a timeless aesthetic. Tailoring and woven fabrics allow for cleaner, more structured lines than seen in boxers or boxer-briefs. We’ve created a true ‘under-garment’ with all of the implied aesthetic advantages.

4 Makes a product understandable – A timeless aesthetic resonates with a variety of eras and themes. EROIX has a different, yet approachable style. The word handsome comes to mind: appealing without explanation.

5 Is unobtrusive – Although we’ve designed EROIX to be impeccably handsome, our design is both neutral and restrained.  We’ve” left room for the user’s self-expression.”

6 Is honest – There is no room for dishonesty here. We’ve created an intimate product out of straight-forward materials. Our fit is as honest as fit comes.

7 Is long-lasting – Using natural materials, and fewer materials, means there’s less to go wrong. There is no elastic to stretch out and break down. No chemicals to degrade and weaken. Underneathwear lasts longer than boxers and boxer-briefs and doesn’t age like underwear; Underneathwear ages like a pair of jeans.

8 Is thorough down to the last detail – We stripped underwear of everything non-essential, and added only the very few things that would enhance its aesthetic and functional value. Underneathwear is the the resulting improvement.

9 Is environmentally friendly – Minus the trim, you could plant your EROIX in the soil to biodegrade. This goes for our packaging as well (although we recommend recycling it). We are working toward using only organic materials and streamlining our supply chain to minimize our use of resources.

10 Is as little design as possible – EROIX is less, We concentrate on the essential aspects, and the product is not burdened with non-essentials. “Back to purity, back to simplicity.”

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Parker Ellenburg
Parker Ellenburg


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